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Alan  F. Dowling

Alan F. Dowling

Adjunct Professor of Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering and Nursing

afdowling@earthlink.net (216) 533-1143 (o)

Alan Dowling is an Adjunct Professor of Information Systems, Health Systems Management Center, Weatherhead School of Management; Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering; and Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing Case Western Reserve University (1986 - present), where he teaches graduate courses in health & medical informatics and models of health systems.

As President & Chief Executive Officer of IntelliDex, Inc. (2011-present), he provides leadership, entrepreneurial strategy, and executive management of an advanced technology pharmaceutical information early-stage firm focused on providing relevant information and insight in real time to support professional knowledge workers’ complex decision-making.

Dowling also is President of Global Health Associates LLC (2002-present), where he provides executive and board consultation on strategy, regulation, M&A, channel development, process innovation, information systems, technology transfer & adoption and research. There, he works with health-related NGOs, governments, not-for-profits and for-profits in the U.S. and internationally, to clients ranging from pre-angel start-ups through health systems and large corporations and governments. Also serves as base for startup & turn-around positions conducted as an employee of those organizations.

He also is an invited Lecturer (1980 – present) at various universities including Yale, Cornell, Pennsylvania, M.I.T., Delaware, Georgetown (Adj.Prof.), Ohio State, Michigan, Missouri, Harvard, Georgia Tech, George Washington, Boston Univ., Northwestern, Massachusetts, Vanderbilt, Pitt, Tokyo, Cape Town and AUB.