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Conference coordinator
Kurt Koenigsberger English, Case Western Reserve Univ.

Program committee chair
Gary Stonum English, Case Western Reserve Univ.

Program committee
Gary Stonum (English, CWRU)
Per Aage Brandt (Cognitive Science, CWRU)
Christine Cano (Modern Languages and Literatures - French, CWRU)
Margaretmary Daley (Modern Languages and Literatures - German, CWRU)
Jed Deppman (Comparative Literature and English, Oberlin Coll.)
Kimberly Emmons (English, CWRU)
Christopher Flint (English, CWRU)
T. Kenny Fountain (English, CWRU)
Kurt Koenigsberger (English, CWRU)
Judith Oster (English, CWRU)
Jonathan Sadowsky (History, CWRU)
Robert Spadoni (English and Film, CWRU)
Vera Tobin (Cognitive Science, CWRU)
Athena Vrettos (English, CWRU)

Organizing Committee (CWRU)
Megan Swihart Jewell (English)
Kurt Koenigsberger (English)
Todd Oakley (Cognitive Science)
Gary Stonum (English)

Graduate Assistance (CWRU)
Wells Addington (English)
Mary Assad (English)
Cassie Freudenrich (English)
Michael Moss (English)
Yeheng Wu (Physics)

Special thanks to the following for going above and beyond the call of duty. Without them, all of the work of the above would have gone for nought:

Dael Colvin Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
Professor Mary Davis Music, CWRU
Dr. James Edmonson Director, Dittrick Medical History Center
John Ewing Director, Cleveland Cinematheque
Professor Kim Emmons English, CWRU
Professor Mary Grimm English, CWRU
Professor Sue Hinze Women's and Gender Studies, CWRU
Linda Gilmore Interdisciplinary Programs, CWRU
Mary Luberger Purchasing, CWRU
Latricia Robinson English, CWRU
Professor William Siebenschuh English, CWRU
Dean Cyrus Taylor College of Arts and Sciences, CWRU
Frederica Ward English, CWRU
Chuck Yoder Office of the Controller, CWRU