Furniture Giveaway

We know that it is expensive for students to ship furniture here to Cleveland, especially when students are only here for several semesters. Our group of volunteers collect furniture that have been donated by churches, families and individuals in Cleveland. Although they may not be the avant-guard of furniture, they're definitely clean and usable for your stay here in Cleveland. We also help deliver the furniture usually by the same evening or the next. The furniture giveaway is usually held in early to mid-August when students are arriving. The exact location and time will be posted on flyers and on our activities page. Please check the upcoming activities for up-to-date information.

How it is conducted

At the posted time, students are asked to register at the registration counter. This is important as we need information on where to help you deliver the furniture you have chosen. During registration, you will also be issued special tags that help us identify furniture you have chosen. Once all of the students have registered, a balloting exercise will take place.
Please note that furniture will not be given away on a first-come-first-serve basis. Arriving earlier at the venue will not give you any better chances of 'winning' your furniture of choice. The balloting will ensure that all students will have a fair chance of choosing any piece of furniture they need.

The entrance to the giveaway area will not open until the event has started. No early birds, and No early browsing! Coming early will not increase your chances to get stuff. You MUST sign in to get your number for balloting.

Items will be given out on a random basis using numbers drawn. So, if you are early or late, it will make no difference. However, we will start on time. We will provide a 10 minute grace period in case some of you arrive late because of the bus service.

Delivery of furniture to your home will commence immediately after all the furniture have been spoken for. We ask that you keep the afternoon free to await delivery of your chosen furniture. We will help you deliver larger items in our vans/trucks to your apartment/house. We do ask that you come along with the driver. No furniture will be delivered if you are not present.

Items available

Items include chairs, couches, study desks, chest of drawers, kitchen, cooking ware, eating utensils, glasses, cups, plates etc. (living room furniture, bedroom, kitchen and dining room stuff) Please bring your own transportation if you can. Or bring a friend who has a car!

If You Don't Get the Furniture You Need

Due to variations in furniture we receive every year, we cannot promise that all students will receive what they need. But we will try to accommodate you as best as we can. We have a 'wish-list' for students who do not receive what they need. We usually continue to receive furniture after the furniture giveaway and we can deliver it to your place upon request.

Also, if you arrive in Cleveland before or after the furniture giveaway, we will also do our best to accommodate your request.