Faculty Senate

Case Western Reserve University
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Contact Us

Sandra Russ
Chair, Faculty Senate
Telephone: 216.368.6436

Robert Savinell
Chair-Elect, Faculty Senate
Telephone: 216.368.2728

Robin Dubin
Past-Chair, Faculty Senate
Telephone: 216.368.3981

Standing Committee Chairs

David Carney, Chair, Bylaws
Telephone: 216.368.3301
Nicholas Ziats, Chair, Faculty Compensation
Telephone: 216.368.5176
Nicole Deming, Chair, Faculty Personnel
Telephone: 216.778.1263
Scott Fine, Chair, Finance (formerly Budget)
Telephone: 216.368.0909
Betsy Tracy, Chair, Graduate Studies
Telephone: 216.368.6294
Ray Muzic, Chair, Information & Communication Technology
Telephone: 216.844.3543
T. Kenny Fountain, Chair, Minority Affairs
Telephone: 216.368.2359
Simon Peck, Chair, Nominating
Telephone: 216.368.3824
Lee Hoffer, Chair, Research
Telephone: 216.368.3158
Mark De Guire, Chair, Undergraduate Education
Telephone: 216.368.4221
Frank Merat, Chair, University Libraries
Telephone: 216.368.6039
Karen Farrell, Chair, Women Faculty
Telephone: 216.368.0364

Members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Susan Case, Weatherhead School of Management
Telephone: 216.368.5018
John Fredieu, School of Medicine
Telephone: 216.368.6012
Patricia Higgins, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Telephone: 216.368.8850
Mark Joseph, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of
     Applied Social Sciences (fall semester)
Telephone: 216.368.8850
Katy Mercer, School of Law
Telephone: 216.368.2173
Sonia Minnes, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of
     Applied Social Sciences (spring semester)
Telephone: 216.368.2309
Benjamin Schechter, School of Dental Medicine
Telephone: 216.368.3882
Glenn Starkman, College of Arts & Sciences
Telephone: 216.368.3660

Faculty Senate Administrative Staff

Rebecca Weiss
Secretary of the University Faculty, and
Director, Office of Emeriti Affairs
Office of the President & Provost
Telephone: 216.368.4316
Fax: 216.368.4325

Hollie McGivern
Assistant to Secretary of the University Faculty
Office of the President & Provost
Telephone: 216.368.0705
Fax: 216.368.4325

Mailing address:
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7001

Visitors & Deliveries:
Adelbert Hall, Room 109