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We’re Trendy

The Huffington Post counts Case Western Reserve among its trendiest schools of the year, citing a nearly 45 percent increase in undergraduate applications.

Breathing Easier

Researchers restored breathing in a model of upper spinal cord injury—a significant step toward independence for paralyzed individuals who require ventilators to breathe.
Water drop

Just Under the Surface

The moon’s interior contains as much water as the upper mantle of the Earth, findings show, strengthening theories about the moon’s relation to Earth, while raising questions about its origins.

Diamond Electrodes Are Forever

Electrodes that use lab-grown diamond film won’t corrode in the body’s harsh environment, tests show.

Not so Heart-Healthy

More than one-third of patients who suffered a cardiac event and completed a 12-week rehabilitation course didn’t keep up with regular exercise one year later, researchers discovered.

Wireless Networked

Case Western Reserve is one of 37 universities to join a national effort to bring high-speed wireless Internet services to universities and their surrounding communities—using a model based on our own Case Connection Zone.

It’s Unanimous

A law school faculty member wins unanimously in his first case in front of the Supreme Court, restoring justice for an Ohio woman who sued the state prison system for failing to protect her from a guard’s abuse.

Getting Your Heart Rate Up

Researchers use an infrared laser to pace contractions in an avian embryonic heart, with no apparent damage to the tissue.

A Case of Valid Identity

Former prisoners trying to integrate back into society are systemically denied access to public assistance programs like food stamps and Medicaid for lack of valid ID, research shows.

Farm Fresh

Produce from the university farm is sprouting up in campus dining halls and taking a bite out of Case Western Reserve’s carbon footprint.

Be Green to Make Green

Companies need to incorporate environmental health and social value into their core business to keep competitive in today’s economy, a new book argues.

Blowing in the Wind

A new wind turbine is one of the country’s first campus-based turbines for alternative energy research—and also provides a portion of the Veale center’s power.

Athlete Gives Back

Quarterback Joey Baum makes academics, athletics and service active parts of his college experience.

Say ‘Ah’ Even More

Postmenopausal women may need to see a dentist as many as four times a year because they develop more plaque and may require additional cleanings, a new study shows.

Relaxing Is Exhausting

Stopping a thought burns more energy than you may have thought—which could be why so many people struggle to unplug from work during vacation.

Remembering the Williamsons

The Williamson family’s $23.5 million in gifts supports student scholarships, professorships and programs around campus.
Who would have thought…

The world doesn’t float in a sea of ether.
Hand washing can stem infections.
Cholesterol contributes to heart disease.

We did.

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