July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
Total operating surplus $4.5 million
Total operating revenue $959 million
Total operating expense $958.5 million
Endowment funds (market value, June 30, 2011) $1,619 million
Gifts and pledges from private sources $126.2 million

Degrees Awarded
Undergraduate 1,038
Masters 944
PhDs 202
Other Doctorates (JD, MD, DMD, DNP, DMgt, DMA) 528

Degrees by School
(Undergraduate and
Case School of Engineering 510
College of Arts and Sciences 645
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 261
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 129
School of Dental Medicine 96
School of Law 251
School of Medicine 396
Weatherhead School of Management 458

Fall (2011)
Undergraduate 4,016
Graduate and Professional 5,620
States Represented 50
Countries Represented 90

Faculty (full-time) 2,843
Staff (full-time and part-time) 3,210
Campus Size 155 acres

Total Alumni 108,107
Nobel Laureates 15

Total Operating Surplus Deficit - Fiscal Years 2008-2011

Total Operating Revenues and expenses- Fiscal Years 2008-2011

Gifts and Pledges from Private Sources-Fiscal Years 2007-2011

* Revenue, expense and operating surplus (deficit) figures per Statement of Operations (unaudited)
  Endowment funds figure per university financial statements
  Gifts and pledges figure per internal accounting (unaudited)
  All figures rounded

July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
Sponsored research projects 1,722
Sponsored research project awards $421 million

2011 Competitive Sponsored Research Projects by school

2011 Competitive Sponsored Research Projects by sponsor
Competitive Sponsored Research Awards Fiscal years 2008-2011

2009 Case Western Reserve University Research Rankings

All figures rounded

Who would have thought…

The world doesn't float in a sea of ether.
Hand washing can stem infections.
Cholesterol contributes to heart disease.

We did.