Lecturer - Writing Resources Center

COMPANY:      Case Western Reserve University

JOB TITLE:        Lecturer

HOURS:             Full-time

LOCATION:       11112 Bellflower Road, Cleveland, OH 44106

DUTIES: Designing and leading first-year Academic Inquiry Seminars (offered both Fall and Spring semesters) and consulting with students in the Writing Resource Center. Responsibilities may also include designing and leading other writing-intensive seminars; creative writing, professional/technical or scientific communication courses; and/or other undergraduate courses. Opportunities for writing program administrative and assessment activities are available and count in the teaching load. Responsible for a teaching load equivalent to six courses over the academic year (does not include summer), which may include a mix of classroom teaching, WRC consulting, and administrative activities. FSAE 100 (AIAE 100) Course description: University level reading, writing, and public speaking requirements at Case Western Reserve FSAE 100 (AIAE 100) Case Western Reserve University offers international students and English language learners the opportunity to improve reading, writing, and language skills during their first semester by placing them in a special two-semester Academic Inquiry Seminar sequence. Based on your Directed Self-Placement responses, you will take AIAE 100: Academic English in your first semester and AIQS 120: Academic Inquiry Seminar in your second semester. Once this two-semester sequence is completed, you will have completed your Academic Inquiry Seminar requirement. FSCC 100 (AIQS 120) Course description: This course, specifically designed for non-native speakers of English, develops the habits of mind and writing/communication processes that characterize academic discourse. Special emphasis is given to critical reading and writing in academic English by focusing on rhetorical and linguistic concerns specific to non-native speakers of English. Students engage with questions and topics from multiple perspectives, and they establish effective writing processes (including planning, drafting, responding to feedback, revising, reflecting, and self-assessing) as well as language acquisition habits.

REQUIREMENTS: PhD in English, Writing Studies, Education, or a related field of study, and three (3) years of experience as a Lecturer or a related occupation involving College teaching.

TO APPLY: Email resume to Kimberly Emmons at kke1@case.edu and reference: Lecturer