Postdoctoral Scholar  - Biochemistry

Title: Postdoctoral Scholar                  

Department: Biochemistry

School: Medicine

Location: Wood Building, 4th floor

Supervisor Name and Title: Tae Hun Kim – Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University


There is a postdoctoral position available to study structure and dynamics of the nucleosome and chromatin in the context of transcription or DNA damage repair. The postdoctoral scholar will lead the projects to elucidate how transcription factors, DNA damage response proteins, or epigenetic modifications induce changes in the structure, dynamics and interactions of chromatin at molecular details by obtaining atomic resolution information. In addition, we are also interested in studying how drugs or lead compounds bind proteins involved in these key processes. Lastly, our lab will investigate how a phenomenon called ‘liquid-liquid phase separation’ can modulate transcription and DNA damage repair. In terms of methodology, we use multidisciplinary approaches including biophysical tools (NMR, and cryo-EM), molecular biology, protein chemistry, and fluorescence microscopy. Relevant publications can be found here (

The Department of Biochemistry has a highly interactive environment with state-of-the-art core facilities (mass spectrometry, cytometry, microscopy, biophysics and structural biology). The NMR facility at Case Western Reserve University houses excellent solution NMR spectrometers (Bruker 600, 700, 800 and 900 MHz) with the 600 and 700 MHz spectrometers upgraded with new consoles. Also, the cryo-EM facility houses state-of-the-art electron microscopes in a newly renovated space including FEI Titan Krios G3i 300 kV, FEI Tecnai TF20 (200kV, FEG), and a brand new Glacios Cryo-TEM (200kV) to be installed in 2023. Competitive stipends and benefits packages are available.


Experience: 0-5 years of postdoctoral experience in the Biochemistry/Structural Biology. PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in other fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Genetics are also encouraged to apply.

Education/Licensing: Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, or Biology.


Experience with structural biology (NMR, cryo-EM, and x-ray crystallography)

and biophysical techniques (ITC, DSC, MST, and DLS)

Experience with expression (E. coli, yeast, and mammalian cells) and purification of proteins or nucleic acids

Experience with mammalian cell culture and imaging

Competent in molecular biology (cloning, and site-directed mutagenesis)

Basic/advanced computer programming (Python, MATLAB, or R)

Proficient in scientific writing



Interested candidates should send a cover/motivation letter and a CV with the names and contact information of 2-3 references to Tae Hun Kim (