Research Associate - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Date: November 6, 2023

Title: Research Associate

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

School: Case School of Engineering

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Supervisor Name and Title: Burcu Gurkan, Professor



The Research Associate will work on multiple projects that involve the use of electrochemical characterization and in-situ spectroscopy techniques for studying electrolytes and electron transfer reactions related to electrocatalysis, energy storage, and reactive separations. The projects are funded by federal agencies with a unified mission of understanding electrode-electrolyte interfaces to advance energy storage systems, decarbonization, and sustainability. The Research Associate will also help manage the projects by attending periodic meetings with collaborators, write reports, and train students in the use of laboratory instruments, electrochemical methods, and material synthesis.  



  • Perform experiments in the lab (synthesis, characterization, voltammetry, analytical measurements) (30%)
  • Preparing research results for publication and conference presentations; writing reports. (30%)
  • Writing proposals and project management (26%)
  • Supervising other technical staff and students on research projects; organize subgroup meetings and provide one-on-one mentorship (5%)
  • Train students on the use of equipment (potentiostat, RDE, GC, NMR, FTIR, Raman) (5%)



  1. Helping with new equipment setup and method development. 2%
  2. Checking laboratory orders, handling material shipment to and from collaborators, and other paperwork requirements related to safety, chemical inventory, and laboratory specific manuals. 2%


Students: 45% - for training purposes and carrying out collaborative research

Department: 20% - for helping with the instrument care, building of instrumentation, and

External: 20% - for meeting with collaborators for joint projects; handling communications for materials exchange, and for working on joint publications

University: 5% - interfacing staff for proposal submissions and interactions with other project managers in GLEI


This position has the authority to recommend on the following actions: hire, layoff, promote, and discharge laboratory technicians.



Experience: Electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering; Electrolytes based on ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents; Carbon dioxide capture and conversion

Education/Licensing: PhD in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or Materials Science and Engineering



  1. Expert in electrochemical characterization techniques, ionic liquids synthesis and characterization such as physical property measurements and thermal analysis.
  2. Expertise in spectroscopy and chromatography techniques including GC, NMR, Raman.
  3. Proven track record in publishing in high quality journals
  4. Experience working in team settings and demonstrated independence in leading project.



This position involves working in laboratory setting with the presence of chemical hazards and requires the use of protective equipment while present in the laboratory. It requires sitting in the office in front of computer for writing tasks. The position also requires occasional travel to collaborator institute and professional society conferences.



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