3 classes filled with interesting discussion, debates and mind-expanding new ideas

two students studying and smiling

While Case Western Reserve University students are away on winter break, they’re taking some time to do internships, volunteer in their communities, study abroad and recharge for the next semester. 

And come spring semester, they’ll have plenty to look forward to.

When you study the artshumanities and social sciences at CWRU, you can be sure your classes will be filled with interesting discussion, debates and mind-expanding new ideas. ​

Check out a few of the classes our students are most excited for next semester:

The Lemonade Class: Religion, Race, Sex and Black Music

  • Primarily framed around two artists—Beyoncé and Prince—examine religion and musical performance as creative responses to the racial and gendered conditions of Black life. 

Introduction to American Sign Language

  • Learn vocabulary and conversational interaction skills in American Sign Language.

Socio-Tech of Cyber Security

  • Collaborate with community partners to understand core technical issues as well as ethical/societal/policy implications of cyber attacks and protective technologies. 

At CWRU, you’ll study topics that excite you. You’ll engage with top professors. You’ll surround yourself with supportive and super smart friends. And you’ll be on your way to a BIG future.