A makerspace for artists, humanists and everyone

Students inside Sears think[box]

When you hear the word “makerspace,” do you see yourself there? Do you see you and your friends huddled together in the company of advanced technology and expert creators? 

I hope so, because at Case Western Reserve University, our seven-story Sears think[box] is the largest open-access makerspace at any university in the country. Far from the domain of engineers alone, our think[box] brings life to projects dreamt up by artists, anthropologists and so many more. Like:

  • Wearable sculpture incorporating designs of the goldenrod flower for the 2019 Society of North American Goldsmiths’ Exhibition in Motion
  • A 3D scan of a Krishna sculpture to determine if a section found in Cambodia belonged to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s sixth-century stone carving
  • A rotating Scrabble board so everyone can play the game right-side up
  • A welded metal sculpture that uses LEDs to visualize photosynthesis
  • Plastic replicas of tibia specimens for a study of tibial osteotomies and ankle alignment
  • A replica of a semi-hollow body Washburn Delta King guitar

When you attend CWRU, the doors of our think[box] are open to you. Walk on in and imagine what doors will open in turn.