The one word that sums up CWRU...🤔

Screenshot of this semester's dance performance.

If there is one word that regularly sums up the Case Western Reserve University community, even more so this semester, we’d have to go with relentless—as in displaying uncanny persistence and creativity in (safely!) reaching for their goals, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Take, for example, the humanities and social science majors who completed summer internships, in some cases remotely, at the U.S. Senate, Catholic Charities of Louisiana, India’s National Film Archive and more.

Or this semester's dance performance (screenshot of the video above) that featured 14 students on three continents—some filming on their own cell phones—united in dance, while maintaining physical distance, and supported by the CWRU community. 

Or the thespians who wrote their own monologues and plays depicting their COVID-19 experiences and performed them via Zoom

At CWRU, your zest for pursuing your interests will be met with enthusiasm and support from your faculty, your navigator, your friends and classmates. No. Matter. What.

The show must go on!