Study abroad: A stand-out experience for your med school app

Students studying abroad

Developing a robust medical school application during your undergraduate years is key to entering a top medical program and fulfilling your goals of becoming a physician. At Case Western Reserve University, pre-med students are afforded unparalleled access to medical school advising, research, shadowing and even study abroad.

Why is study abroad important for future doctors? 

International experiences will set you apart on your med school applications. You’ll experience new cultures and ways of thinking and problem-solving. You’ll gain valuable “soft skills” like confidence, independence, resourcefulness, communication and more. (Plus, let’s be real, studying abroad can be a whole lot of fun.) 

CWRU offers dozens of study abroad programs specifically geared to the needs of future doctors, including:

► Global Health and Social Development in India
► French Connections: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Medical Ethics
► Cape Town Health Studies
► Public Health in China at Peking University
► Health Studies in Santiago, Chile
► Medical volunteering and research opportunities around the world

What’s more: Our knowledgeable study abroad advisors understand what medical schools are looking for and work with you to identify the program, timing and experiences that best suit your interests and goals.

Your undergrad pre-med education will be the first step in your journey to a top med school and a brilliant future in medicine.

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