Take a look inside Sears think[box] - CWRU’s home of innovation

Inside Sears think[box] virtual tour

Imagine this: You’re going to college at one of the country’s premier engineering universities. One day, you wake up with a brilliant idea for a new way to make people’s lives easier, for something that can make an impact. 

What do you do? Where do you begin?

Well... if you were at Case Western Reserve University... you’d walk into our Sears think[box]—the largest open-access makerspace at any university in the country—and get to work that day. You’d prototype on some of the most advanced equipment available. You’d find like-minded students to partner with. And when the time came, you’d get solid, expert advice on securing funding and bringing your product to market. Nothing would stop you from making your idea a reality.

Check out think[box] in action wherever you are:

(highly recommended 👍)