Art meets engineering in video game class

Woman (Jaiden-Malaika Borowski) standing in front of trees

Form and function. Left brain and right brain. Art and engineering. Each are two sides of the same coin, really. 

And at Case Western Reserve University you don’t have to pick a side. At CWRU, we admit students to the university as a whole, not to a particular school or a major. So you’re free to tailor your learning to your interests. Maybe that means picking up a second major in a new field, or a minor that piques your interest.

Or maybe you just want to dabble in an area of interest and see where it takes you. Like, say, video game design

That’s what sophomore Jaiden-Malaika Borowski (pictured here) did, and it has influenced her plans for the future. A computer science major, Jaiden-Malaika took an art studio class about video game design, where she created a real video game from the same software used by the pros and infused it with original artwork and audio components. Check it out

The experience was so impactful that she now plans to continue combining art and tech in her future career, possibly working at an animation studio.

At CWRU, you don’t have to be defined by one interest. You’ll be encouraged to pursue your interests and put your talents to use across 100+ programs of study. I can’t wait to see what you learn—in your field(s) and about yourself.