Check out CWRU’s award-winning rocket team 🚀

4 students watching a rocket launch in a field

If heading into a remote desert with your friends and shooting rockets off into space sounds like your idea of a good time (and excellent preparation for your career in engineering), you’ll be in good company with Case Western Reserve University’s award-winning rocket team.  

Case Rocket Team is CWRU’s student rocketry organization. They recently traveled to New Mexico where they took home first place in their category at a nationwide rocket engineering competition, launching their rocket nearly 10,000 feet into space.   

Learn all about their win

Never built or launched your own rocket? No problem! The student club welcomes newbies and pros alike, and offers training and certification. 

But, OK, if rockets aren’t your thing, no problem. There are still plenty of engineering student organizations where you can get hands-on experience in your field, and have some fun with new friends. Maybe HackCWRU is your style. Or Robotics Club (we call it CWRUbotix), or the Society of Civil Engineers.

Through student organizations like the Rocket Team and 200+ more, your time at CWRU will be a blast 🚀. (Sorry, sometimes I just can’t help myself.)

Join us on Oct. 10 or Nov. 14 for a Fall Open House to learn more about student organizations at CWRU. Register today!