CWRU is the perfect place to find your passion

Student Megha Dalal smiling

With our single-door admission policy, once you're admitted, you can explore Case Western Reserve University’s entire catalog of 100+ majors, minors and concentrations across a range of disciplines.

With the guidance of your four-year advisor and your pre-major faculty advisor, you will shape your undergraduate degree to meet your interests and life goals. You’ll be set up for success to pursue your passions and gain experiences that will lead to a bright future.

Megha Dalal [pictured here], a 2023 graduate, studied cognitive science, biology, chemistry, leadership and psychology. 

During her time at CWRU, she worked with her advisors and faculty to explore her academic interests. Four years of exploration later, she is now kicking off her career as an Enterprise Payments Analyst with KeyBank.

Megha’s various academic pursuits embody how our students follow their passions, which sets the stage for success beyond college. Like Megha, you will dive into your interests and receive the mentorship to succeed.

Megha’s advice? "Try everything. Embrace the limitless opportunities that CWRU offers, from joining clubs and taking intriguing classes to applying for internships and jobs." 

What will you try first?