Engineer’s future takes flight during co-op ✈️

Engineering student Andrea Chakraborty

You know your future is in engineering, but how will you go from planning for your future to working in your field?

At Case Western Reserve University’s Case School of Engineering, we have a plan for that.

It starts with hands-on engineering courses in your very first semester, plenty of opportunities for research and a co-op program that gets results.

What’s a co-op and what will it do for you?

We asked senior Andrea Chakraborty (pictured here), who’s majoring in civil and environmental engineering, and her experience speaks volumes.

"I’ve applied many of the skills I’ve learned in the classroom, and am learning the nuances of working with external clients. As an engineering student, I am able to contribute to solving real problems. It’s very exciting to see an idea be put into practice."
- Andrea Chakraborty

Co-ops are when students work full-time in an engineering position in lieu of taking courses for a period of time. One-third of CWRU engineering majors choose a co-op placement, which provides valuable full-time work experience plus more than $25,000 (on average) over a seven-month period. (And, no, you don’t pay tuition while away on co-op 👍)

For her co-op, Andrea worked as part of a team designing a new concourse for the Los Angeles International Airport to address the higher volume of flights expected there during the 2028 Olympic Games.

At CWRU, your future will take flight.