5 CWRU nursing classes that will make you a healthcare leader

Nursing students at work while studying

At Case Western Reserve University, you’ll get more real-world nursing experience than any other nursing schools (1,300+ hours, double the national average).

Add to that experience the lessons you’ll learn in mind-expanding classes that will ensure you’re a savvy and confident nurse and healthcare leader upon graduation.

Classes like…

  • Healthcare in the Community. Focus on the delivery of culturally appropriate, community-based healthcare and issues contributing to disparities in healthcare outcomes.


  • Care of the Perioperative Patient. Enhance your knowledge, cognitive and psychomotor skills to care for patients undergoing operative or invasive procedures.


  • Nursing Informatics. Use data to solve clinical problems and understand current policy and legislative influences on healthcare technology.


  • Concepts of Management and Leadership. Study concepts related to leadership and management in nursing care, like organizational culture and structure, leading high performing teams, human and capital resource management, delegation and outcome evaluation.


  • Global Health Seminar. Understand issues and trends in global health from both a nursing and a trans-disciplinary perspective, including how international social, political, economic, environmental and cultural issues affect health and healthcare.

When you study nursing at CWRU, you’ll graduate as a leader at the bedside and in healthcare education, management and policy-making. Your bright future starts right here.