Art history professor earns Guggenheim Fellowship

CWRU Professor Elina Gertsman
“She is one of the most creative and innovative research scholars in any field of endeavor in the humanities.”
—Elizabeth Bolman, chair of the CWRU Department of Art and Art History

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship is one of the most prestigious honors given to academics and creatives all over the world. Fellowships have been awarded to countless Nobel laureates, poets laureate, members of the national academies… you get the point. 

It’s a Big Award, and Case Western Reserve University medievalist and art history professor Elina Gertsman was elected to the 2020 Guggenheim class of 175 artists, writers, scholars and scientists. She’s following in a tradition of CWRU academics in English, anthropology, physics and history who have earned the honor in recent memory. 

The award will support Gertsman for a year as she works on a new book, Withdrawal and Presence: Visualizing Medieval Abstraction.

Read about her work.

What’s more—in the past five years, Elina has also earned university accolades, as nominated by her students, for outstanding teaching and mentoring.

Loved by students and acclaimed by scholars around the world. That’s just the CWRU way.