A business class that focuses on YOU

Student smiles in class

A hallmark of Case Western Reserve University’s undergraduate business programs is that our students become immersed in business concepts from day one, with courses in accounting and economics in the first year, even the first semester—something most business schools don’t broach until the sophomore year or beyond.

But there is more to being a successful business leader than amassing technical and analytical skills alone.

One of CWRU’s most highly rated courses is Chris Laszlo’s Quantum Leadership class, which emphasizes “who you’re being, not only what you’re doing.”

Hear from Professor Laszlo about his course.

Focusing on leadership practices that define success in business and make a positive impact on the world, Quantum Leadership weaves mindfulness practices, such as meditation, nature immersion and journaling into the coursework, providing students with a framework for leading businesses that have a positive social impact while addressing personal well-being in the workplace.

Do well. Do good. And be good to yourself. 

Sounds like success to me.