Coursework. Connections. Leadership opportunities. All from day one

Students in a classroom at the Weatherhead School of Management

Fact: 77% of Case Western Reserve University business students graduate with two ore more professional experiences (read: internships galore)

How does it happen? Experience begins immediately. 

It’s common to take as many as three business classes your first semester at CWRU. 

Your admission to CWRU is also a direct admit to the Weatherhead School of Management, so you’ll begin building a network of business mentors and contacts, and impressive credentials for valuable internships and professional experiences, right away.

Throw in student organization leadership opportunities like managing a portion of CWRU’s endowment through The Weatherhead Fund or organizing the annual Meet the Accountants Breakfast networking event with professionals from leading firms across the country. 

Coursework. Connections. Leadership opportunities. You’ll be in business from day one at CWRU. 

The question isn’t “Will I land a great internship?” The question is “How many great internships will I land?”