Four labs where you’ll hone your nursing skills

Nursing students in scrubs working on a manakin in the perioperative lab

The Health Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic is an innovative educational space that is home to our nursing students (as well as those studying medicine, dental medicine and more). 

Within the state-of-the-art complex are learning spaces and resources to date unrivaled by any nursing program in the nation, which you’ll access day one as a nursing student.

  • A 10-bed physical assessment lab stocked with nursing tools and where you’ll access patient simulators and physician-grade electronic exam tables.
  • A clinical teaching bed lab that simulates an in-patient medical-surgical or step-down unit and where you’ll learn and practice essential nursing skills from hand-washing to managing a ventilated patient. 
  • A medication room that provides a realistic setting for best practices of professionally and safely preparing patient medications.
  • The Steris Perioperative Lab (📸), which contains a fully functioning Steris 3080 operating room table, a full set of surgical instruments, an educational anesthesia machine and more, where you’ll learn basic hand-on skills, positioning, handling of surgical instruments and safety related to perioperative nursing and nurse anesthesia. 

Combine our unsurpassed educational amenities with your 1,300+ hands-on clinical hours and it’s easy to see why CWRU nurses graduate with skills that launch their careers.