How you’ll go from student to bona fide engineer

Engineering student in a lab

For most future engineers, the thrill of engineering is in the creating, the tweaking the testing (and re-testing). It’s doing engineering that gets you up in the morning. 

We get that. At Case Western Reserve University, we get you moving as an engineer. As early as day one. 

You could start in The Roger E. Susi First-Year Engineering Experience, which introduces students to hands-on projects across several engineering disciplines, and you'll get involved in research (as 80 percent of CWRU engineers often do in their very first semester). You’ll soon be prepared to practice off campus, too: 75 percent of CWRU engineering students complete at least one internship, and nearly one-third complete a co-op.

And you won’t be on your own to find opportunities that fit your goals.

Your navigator will help you consider your options, and they’ll connect you with the engineering school’s Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice, which offers peer advisors, co-op introductions and professional development opportunities tailored to your engineering future.

Come graduation, you’ll already be a pro with research and experience under your belt (and on your resume)—with the job offers and grad school acceptances to prove it. Within six months of graduation, 93 percent are working or pursuing the next level of education—63 percent of CWRU engineering grads are working full-time (garnering a median starting salary range between $70k and $75k) and nearly 30 percent are enrolled in graduate school.