Hundreds of CWRU student researchers show off their findings

Student conducts research with gloves and pipette

Case Western Reserve University ranks #16 among private research institutions for federal R&D expenditures. (Translation: We do a ton of research, and that means a lot of research opportunities.

When we say we’re serious about our undergrads taking on real research, we mean it, and have the results to prove it: 86% of CWRU undergrads participate in research and creative endeavors. 

Undergraduate research was recently on display during our semi-annual Intersections research symposium, where hundreds of CWRU undergraduate student researchers presented their work, like:

  •  Trends in the use of novel technologies in PTSD research
  • Seasonal variation in leaf health and plant allocation traits in rhododendron
  • Generating human neuromuscular junctions to model motor neuron diseases
  • CAR-T therapy for treatment of triple negative breast cancer
  • Bone marrow edema lesions in patients 10 years post-ACL reconstruction
  • Environmental factors, sleep and depression on the risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Characterization of anodic and cathodic polarity in deep brain stimulation therapies for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Interspecific variation in butterfly warming tolerances and consequences for population size under recent climate change

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