A look at your four years of nursing school

Nursing student

From their first month on campus, Case Western Reserve University nursing students begin getting comfortable talking with patients and providing basic care. By the time they graduate, they have the skills, confidence and experience that prepare them to be health care leaders.

See how quickly you'll learn.

How does it work? CWRU nurses get more than 1,300 hours of clinical experience that builds in complexity as they practice new skills:

  • Year 1: Talk with patients, take vitals, transport patients and provide basic care
  • Year 2: Provide medications and get familiar with disease processes
  • Year 3: Try out specialization areas and assist in surgery
  • Year 4: Participate in a capstone experience in public health or community health and work the schedule of a real nurse

It's the kind of experience that will set you apart in graduate programs and in the job market. The kind of experience you can trust from one of the nation's top nursing schools.