Pre-med courses that will get you noticed by top med schools

Students stand at tables during a class and talk

When preparing for your future in medicine, a holistic understanding of science, society and health is essential. At Case Western Reserve University, you’ll access cutting-edge courses from day one that will prepare you for your life’s work, and make you a highly desirable candidate for admission to top medical schools.

Popular CWRU courses that will stand out on your med school application:

  • Anthropology | ANTH 215: Health, culture and disease
  • Biology | BIOL 333: The human microbiome
  • Biomedical engineering | EBME 305: Materials for prosthetics and orthotics
  • Bioethics | BETH 271: Healthcare dilemmas
  • Chemistry | CHEM 333: Medical chemistry and drug development
  • Communication sciences | COSI 109: Introduction to communication disorders
  • English | ENGL 217: Writing for health professionals
  • Neuroscience | NEUR 201: Fundamentals of neuroscience
  • Nutrition | NTRN 362: Energy, proteins and minerals
  • Philosophy | PHIL 366: Brain, mind and consciousness
  • Public health | MPHP 301: Introduction to epidemiology
  • Sociology | SOCI 344: Health disparities

Expertise of health topics across a range of disciplines—coupled with expert CWRU pre-professional advising, access to shadowing and volunteer opportunities at the nation’s top teaching hospitals, research and more—sets CWRU pre-med graduates apart.    

64% of CWRU undergrads who applied to medical school were accepted in the last 5 years, compared with a national acceptance rate to medical school of 42% (Association of American Medical Colleges). Recent medical school acceptances include Duke University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University and other highly ranked programs.

We’re looking forward to getting you there.