Where do our arts, social sciences and humanities students go? FAR

A student in a professional suit talks on a cell phone and looks out the window

Has anyone ever asked you about your plans for college?

"What do you do with that?"

For Case Western Reserve University graduates in the arts, social sciences and humanities, their path is clear. We surveyed the Class of 2020 six months after graduation and asked them about their CWRU experiences and what they had been up to since commencement. 

Of those CWRU grads who earned degrees in areas like English, political science, history, sociology, psychology and theater... 

During college

  • 92% participated in research or creative endeavors
  • 69% participated in community service
  • 45% studied abroad

Upon graduation

  • 95% were working full-time, enrolled in graduate or professional school or were otherwise pursuing their career goals.

Check out our interactive tool and see for yourself what you could be doing with a degree from CWRU.