This is the kind of doctor you want to be

Portriat of Emmanuel Rodriguez-Rivera on a boat on the water

It’s one thing for future doctors to have scientific and medical expertise. It’s another to be the kind of doctor who truly understands and respects patients’ lives and circumstances. 

As a pre-med student at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll gain both the knowledge and perspective to become a skilled and compassionate healthcare provider.

That’s the goal for junior neuroscience major Emmanuel Rodriguez-Rivera (pictured here), and he’s getting every opportunity to grow as a well-rounded future doctor.

He’s honing his scientific acumen as a research assistant in a lab focused on finding new treatments for infections and inflammatory diseases.

And he’s learning about patient-centered care as a member of CWRU’s Global Medical Brigades, a student organization that provides citizens in economically disadvantaged countries with consistent access to healthcare.

“Besides [offering] medical experience and insight,” he says, “the brigades provide me with a different perspective on how the healthcare system works in other countries in comparison to ours. Additionally, it helps me … understand why it is essential everyone has access to healthcare.”

Emmanuel’s well on his way to being a respected and respectful doctor. And at CWRU, you will be too.

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