The power of community

Two female students looking at the same screen

Just a stone’s throw away from our modern student center is the Baker-Nord Center for Humanities.

Baker-Nord is the go-to place for humanities undergrads at Case Western Reserve University.

Thanks to the staff’s expertise and 90+ companies and institutions Baker-Nord has relationships with, you get to do experiential humanities at Case Western Reserve University.

What does that mean for you? Baker-Nord:

  • sponsors your undergraduate research
  • helps you gain paid internships
  • offers humanities courses
  • organizes cultural visits
  • brings in outside experts to advise you on your career goals
  • … and much more!

At CWRU, you will learn by doing: seeing culturally significant institutions and collections for yourself, building websites, learning and working with industry experts inside and outside the university, and more! 

Thanks to the community and guidance Baker-Nord provides, you will be prepared for the future with a stand out resume for grad school and job placement.