4 CWRU engineering teams ready to change the world

4 CWRU engineering teams ready to change the world

Engineering is all about problem-solving, and at Case Western Reserve University engineering students are addressing critical issues on a world stage. 

Engineers have many opportunities to work on international projects throughout their careers, and through global opportunities at our Case School of Engineering, students build skills and experience to compete in the international job market while allowing them to become independent, creative problem-solvers. 

Among the solutions our student engineering teams are creating for neighbors around the world:

► A professional, ergonomic and affordable backpack capable of carrying essential equipment necessary for outreach missions of health care workers

► A reusable, hand-held, pediatric pulse oximeter that measures blood oxygen saturation to aid in identification and treatment of serious respiratory diseases

► A solar-powered charging station that would provide a renewable energy source for a Malawian community

► A sedimentation box and a chlorinator to provide safe, reliable drinking water accessible to the entire community in the Dominican Republic

Study abroad. Intern abroad. Research abroad. Build things (and your resume). And build communities while you’re at it.