6 students. 6 reasons they love CWRU

There is no shortage of reasons why students love living and learning at Case Western Reserve University.

For some, it's being in the heart of the nation's #1 arts district (USA Today).
For others, it's being surrounded by some of the best hospitals in the country. 
Some say it's being in the company of fellow smart students... friends who cheer each other on as they embark on BIG futures together.

Hear from these 6 students about what they love about CWRU.

Alex Berrum-Navarrete

Alex Berrum-Navarrete 
Psychology, pursuing a dual degree master’s in bioethics and medical humanities
Minor: Biology
“Spartans are trailblazers. My peers and mentors have motivated me to be a change-maker and to be a better leader. I have learned something new about being a better person and professional every day from my peers. And for that, I am immensely thankful.”

Camille Witt

Camille Witt
: Theater and sociology
“What made me fall for CWRU was the incredibly diverse and passionate student body. Not just diverse demographically, but with their interests—both academic and extracurricular. Students here aren’t just one thing: they’re artists and engineers and writers and scientists and teammates and friends and neighbors. No matter where people come from, they can find common ground.”

D'Juan Taylor

D’Juan Taylor
Major: Biomedical engineering
“CWRU has allowed me to grow so much as a person, whether it be academically through the biomedical engineering program, socially through all of the lifetime friendships and connections that I have made, and professionally when it has come to enhancing my communication skills through all of the student organizations that I have been involved.”

Hugh Smith

Hugh Smith
: Materials science and engineering
Minors: Applied data science, geological sciences, history
“CWRU seemed like the best school for me because of the high degree of collaboration between students and academic flexibility. I wanted the opportunity to explore my interests, define my own path, and receive help from those around me to accomplish it while supporting them on their journeys.”

Joy Mason

Joy Mason
Major: Business management
“Before I came to CWRU, I fell in love with its academic opportunities and its location among some of the best hospitals in the world. After coming to campus, I fell in love all over. This time with CWRU’s community, opportunities to better myself, residence life and the people!”

Queen Hassan

Queen Hassan
Major: Materials science and engineering
“When I came to my first on-campus tour and as I started my orientation program, I knew CWRU was the place for me. The community I found myself in was warm and welcoming and I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be!”