86% of students take part in research and creative endeavors

Ngompe Massado

Case Western Reserve University is a hotbed of scientific research—#18 for contributions to innovation, according to Brookings Institution, and $462 million earned in research revenue annually.

For our undergraduate students in the sciences, that means one thing: Tons of opportunities to take part in research in your field, and 86% of CWRU undergrads take advantage of research and creative endeavors during their CWRU education.

In her second year at CWRU, Cindy Serena Ngompe Massado (pictured above) asked her analytical chemistry professor, Dr. Anna C. Samia, about her research and quickly joined her lab to work with magnetic and semiconductor nanoparticles for biomedical, environmental and sensing applications.

Massado, now a fourth-year student majoring in chemistry and minoring in social justice, has conducted research in Dr. Samia’s lab almost every semester since. 

This past summer, her experience in Dr. Samia’s lab earned her an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working on the functionalization of carbon nanotubes for asymmetric electrochemical catalysis.

Massado says her research at CWRU inspired what she expects to be a lifetime of scientific contributions.

“After graduating I will be pursuing a PhD. I entered CWRU knowing I wanted to do research, and my time here cemented my desire to do so in chemistry, particularly looking at materials. I look forward to joining the scientific community and engaging in academic conversations through papers and conferences for the advancement of human knowledge and understanding.”

All that research will catch attention on Massado’s applications to top PhD programs. 

At CWRU, you’ll study what you love in class and in the lab. It’s going to take you far.