Meet 4 graduating seniors and see where they’re headed

Case Western Reserve University seniors are preparing to graduate in just a few short weeks, and for many of them, the plans they had set for themselves when they arrived on campus are well within their reach.

Briana Siale

Headshot of Briana Siale

Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry and psychology

Why did you choose CWRU?
There are many learning opportunities and experiences. The students on campus were welcoming and helpful during my visit.

What’s your next step? 
Attending optometry school at The Ohio State University. 

Nathan Ruhde

Headshot of Nathan Ruhde

Majors: International studies and economics

How did you take advantage of the range of academic programs at CWRU?
CWRU allowed me to explore all of my interests. I took classes in many different departments across campus to get a feel for what my interests are. All of these experiences shaped who I am today, and I would not trade them for the world.

What’s your next step?
I am staying in Cleveland to finish my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree right here at Case Western Reserve.

Theresa Lee

Photo of Theresa Leee smiling at the camera

Majors: Communications sciences and psychology
Minor: Spanish

What will you remember about CWRU? 
It was such a tight knit, supportive community that gave me so many cool opportunities like doing research with Dr. Mulheren and collaborating with Dr. Calandruccio on diversity programming. I also made a lot of awesome friends in the department and I’m excited to see where we all end up. 

What’s your next step?
I plan to travel over the summer and then obtain a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. I’m currently waiting to hear back from graduate school programs and will be deciding on a program soon!

Clare MacRitchie

Headshot of Clare MacRitchie

Majors: Cognitive science, psychology and English with a concentration in film

Who has influenced your education at CWRU?
Robert Spadoni taught my first film class and became extremely influential in my CWRU career. His classes have always reminded me the importance of studying topics I truly enjoy.

What’s your next step?
I will be working for the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.