Meet CWRU student Han Nguyen

Han Nguyen

Even as our students are learning remotely from around the world, we enjoy having the chance to connect with them and share with you their experiences at Case Western Reserve University.

We recently spoke with Han Nguyen. She will graduate next May with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and a Master’s in Finance. We talked about what brought her from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, to Case Western Reserve and how she describes her university experience.

Did you always know accounting was right for you?
“I was deciding between accounting and chemical engineering. That’s part of the reason I chose CWRU, because I didn’t have to settle on one major. So first semester, I took accounting classes and I took some engineering classes, but I got a chance to intern at a Big Four Accounting firm summer of my freshman year, so that set my path for my college career.” 

What has surprised you about CWRU?
“I really enjoy how small the school is. I get to know a lot of professors, and I also get more opportunities to get involved in things. I got a chance to participate in a case competition with the accounting fraternity—even though I wasn’t a member. And we won first place! At another school, it would’ve been more competitive to even just get on the team, let alone participate in that competition.”

How do you describe the CWRU community?
“Students here are from all over the country, all over the world, and so we come from different backgrounds and that always gives us something to talk about, and to get to know more about the other person.”