There is no “I” in healthcare

3 nurses working together

You know that old saying, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team?’” 

The same is true of the word “healthcare.”

As a future nurse, you’ll be a crucial member of a healthcare team. And at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll train as part of that team, right from the start.

We call it interprofessional education. What that means is that we purposefully teach our future nurses, doctors, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals to work collaboratively.

At CWRU, nurses learn, study and gather alongside professionals from other health disciplines. It’s a collaborative model that you won’t find at almost any other university.

Pair that with over 1,300 hours of clinical experience you’ll spend working alongside practicing nurses, doctors and other professionals, and you’ll graduate as a capable and confident member of a healthcare team. You’ll be an advocate for your patients and a trusted colleague.

Teamwork. It makes the dream work.