What is nursing life like at CWRU?

Nursing students being observed during clinicals

As a future nurse, you already have a pretty good idea of what your career is all about: Devotion to caring for the well-being of others. (And you’re going to be awesome at it).

What may be less clear is what your life as a nursing student will look like.

We took the pulse of some recent Case Western Reserve University nursing students to see what their experience looked like. Here’s what we learned:

  • Clinical experience was vital
    • CWRU nurses clock more than 1,300 hours in clinicals. That’s a lot of hands-on experience with real patients (double the national average). All that practice makes you a more confident and skilled nurse upon graduation.
  • They keep up their skills outside the hospital
    • 63% of CWRU nurses participate in community service, and 58% conduct research, either on their own or with a faculty member.
  • They make time for their other interests, too
    • Nursing students can be found on just about all of our 17 NCAA Division III sports teams, including tennis, football, basketball, swimming, track, softball, soccer and volleyball. And they’re leaders in our 200+ student organizations, too. (That includes the highest elected student government position. CWRU Undergraduate Student Government President Sophie Vilamara is a nursing major.)

At CWRU, your nursing career will set you up well for a career of care. You’ll learn a lot. You’ll learn it fast. And you’ll have some fun along the way!