Your friends at CWRU are from dozens of countries around the world

A collage of images of students of different ethnicities

Students from around the globe come to Case Western Reserve University

The languages they speak, the foods they grew up enjoying and the traditions they celebrate may vary, but they have one thing in common: they are dedicated to achieving their goals, and they can’t wait to share their interests and their stories.

18% of our first-year undergraduates are from outside the United States. They are citizens of 70 different countries, and they speak 57 different languages.

As a campus dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, Case Western Reserve is a gathering point for students with differing viewpoints, life experiences and interests. Your friends will be some of the most accomplished and promising minds from across the globe. You’ll learn alongside each other and from each other. Together, you’ll enhance your understanding of the world.

It’s something you can’t learn in class. But they’re the life lessons that will make you stand out in your field, and add intangible richness to your life.