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The SCE's electronic components include a discussion group, the Electronic College of Theory (ECOT) and this website, maintained at Case Western Reserve University's server.

ECOT was established as an electronic discussion group and conference for all aspects of literary theory, from matters of professional interest to matters of theoretical debate. In the past year, its role has been largely the former, as it distributes, with varying frequency, calls for papers and conference announcements. It remains a viable means for discourse on other levels as well, and the SCE encourages contributions, speculations, and/or queries.

Much of the space for discussion may well be taken over by Exchange Online as we inaugurate a number of interactive forums during the 1997-98 academic year. In addition to forums for each of the major SCE projects, there is a general forum for any other matters. As our website emerges from its slow infancy, we welcome the input of SCE members and non-members on aspects of its organization, design, implementation, and purpose. In addition to providing an archive of SCE project materials (conference programs, working documents, ECOT logs), our website will feature abstracts and/or papers, and discussions, both synchronous and asynchronous. Thus the site not only provides information about the SCE and its activities, but provides a dynamic site for SCE members and non-members to engage in dialogue and to initiate new projects.

The Electronic College of Theory is an E-mail discussion group devoted to literary and cultural theory. In operation since October 1991, it is one of the oldest continuously operating discussion groups in the humanities. Although the forum areas of this website have taken over the burden of discussion regarding the SCE's projects, ECOT remains an active list.

In fact, when we considered replacing it altogether with the website we were overwhelmed with requests to retain ECOT as well. Its regular mailings include calls for papers, digests of discussion on the Website, and an array of questions and discussions regarding theory, pedagogy, and the profession.

Although ECOT is for members of the SCE only, we will be pleased to let you lurk for a while before badgering you to join.

If you wish to participate in ECOT, send an E-mail request to: sce-ecot@uiowa.edu. Please be sure to include your name, affiliation and return E-mail address in the message.

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