The many projects that the SCE sponsors are its backbone. Indeed, they are the structure by which the "cooperative inquiry and research" proceeds. The process is developmental. Projects usually begin as ideas for a panel at one of the affiliated regional MLAs, and then as MLA sessions. (The SCE has standing panels at several regional MLAs and at the national convention.)

The next stage is generally an independent symposium or conference, involving anywhere from 20 to 200 participants, and the eventual outgrowth of the process is an edited volume of proceedings or essays.

The large number of available sessions at regional MLAs can serve as fertile ground for members who wish to initiate and carry through a longer term project. There is no cap on the number of concurrent SCE projects: indeed the main function of the SCE is to sustain a range of discussions. Please do contact the directors with ideas and initiatives for new projects.

On the page for each project you will find a description of the project; links to relevant conferences, publications, and activities; a forum site (where appropriate), and, eventually, the complete text of documents to arise from that project.


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The New Economic Criticism
Cultures of Writing
Rethinking Introductory Courses in English
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