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The SCE, North America's oldest scholarly organization devoted to theory, is launching its third decade of research, discussion, and publication with special emphasis on interdisciplinary research and on exploring the potential for critical discussion within electronic media. Its various projects, conferences, and symposia serve to advance the role of theory in academic and intellectual arenas, and encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines, including literary studies, legal studies and practices, economics, composition and pedagogy. The Society's primary mission is to foster discussion, and this website will become, we hope, one of the prominent features of those discussions. The Society continues to grow--it now has over 800 members--and we believe that out of such strength in numbers will come even more exciting and important projects. We invite you to join in its endeavors for what promises to be an exciting and turbulent decade.

Martha Woodmansee, Executive Director English, Case Western Reserve University

Max Thomas, Associate Director, English, University of Iowa




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