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 Recent Publications

"4-Hydroxy-7-oxo-5-heptenoic acid (HOHA) lactone induces apoptosis in retinal pigment epithelial cells", Linetsky, M.; Guo, J.; Udeigwe, E.; Ma, D.; S.Chamberlain, A.; O.Yu, A.; Solovyova, K.; Edgar, E.; Salomon, R. G. Free Radic Biol Med, 2020, 152, 280-294.[Abstract]

"Toll-like Receptor 2 Facilitates Oxidative Damage-Induced Retinal Degeneration", Mulfaul, K.; Ozaki, E.; Fernando, N.; Brennan, K.; Chirco, K. R.; Connolly, E.; Greene, C.; Maminishkis, A.; Salomon, R. G.; Linetsky, M.; Natoli, R.; Mullins, R. F.; Campbell, M.; Doyle, S. L. Cell Rep 2020, 30, 2209-2224 e5.[Abstract]

"4-Hydroxy-7-oxo-5-heptenoic acid lactone is a potent inducer of brain cancer cell invasiveness that may contribute to the failure of anti-angiogenic therapies", Tomko, N.; Kluever, M.; Wu, C.; Zhu, J.; Wang, Y.; Salomon, R. G. Free Radic Biol Med 2020, 146, 234-256.[Abstract]

"The adductomics of isolevuglandins: oxidation of isoLG pyrrole intermediates generates pyrrole-pyrrole crosslinks and lactams" Bi, W., Jang, G. F., Zhang, L., Crabb, J. W., Laird, J., Linetsky, M., and Salomon, R. G. High Throughput, 2019, 8. [Abstract]

"Light-induced generation and toxicity of docosahexaenoate-derived oxidation products in retinal pigmented epithelial cells" Cheng, Y. S., Linetsky, M., Gu, X., Ayyash, N., Gardella, A., and Salomon, R. G. Exp Eye Res, 2019 181, 325-345. [Abstract]

"4-Hydroxy-7-oxo-5-heptenoic acid lactone Is a potent inducer of the complement pathway in human retinal pigmented epithelial cells" Linetsky, M., Bondelid, K. S., Losovskiy, S., Gabyak, V., Rullo, M. J., Stiadle, T. I., Munjapara, V., Saxena, P., Ma, D., Cheng, Y. S., Howes, A. M., Udeigwe, E., and Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol, 2018, 31, 666-679. [Abstract]

"Oxidative modifications of extracellular matrix promote the second wave of inflammation via beta2 integrins" Yakubenko, V. P., Cui, K., Ardell, C. L., Brown, K. E., West, X. Z., Gao, D., Stefl, S., Salomon, R. G., Podrez, E. A., and Byzova, T. V. Blood, 2018, 132, 78-88. [Abstract]

"Total synthesis confirms the molecular structure proposed for oxidized levuglandin D2", Cheng, Y. S.; Yu, W.; Xu, Y.; Salomon, R. G. J Nat Prod 2017, PMID 28195470. [Abstract]

"Carboxyethylpyrroles: from hypothesis to the discovery of biologically active natural products", Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2017, 30, 105-113. [Abstract]

"4-Hydroxy-7-oxo-5-heptenoic acid lactone induces angiogenesis through several different molecular pathways", Guo, J.; Linetsky, M.; Yu, A. O.; Zhang, L.; Howell, S. J.; Folkwein, H. J.; Wang, H.; Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2016, 29, 2125-2135. [Abstract]

“2-(ω-Carboxyethyl)pyrrole antibody as a new inhibitor of tumor angiogenesis and growth”, Wu, C.; Wang, X.; Tomko, N.; Zhu, J.; Wang, W.R.; Zhu, J.; Wang, Y.; Salomon, R. G. Anti-Cancer Agents Med Chem 2016, 16, in press. [Abstract]

"Molecular structures of isolevuglandin-protein cross links", Bi, W.; Jang, G. F.; Zhang, L.; Crabb, J. W.; Laird, J.; Linetsky, M. D.; Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2016, 29, 1628-1640. [Abstract]

"Bioactive 4-oxoheptanedioic monoamide derivatives of proteins and ethanolaminephospholipids: products of docosahexa_enoate oxidation", Guo, J.; Hong, L.; West, X. Z.; Wang, H.; Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2016, 29, 1706-1719. [Abstract]

"Metabolism of 4-hydroxy-7-oxo-5-heptenoic Acid (HOHA) lactone by retinal pigmented epithelial cells", Wang, H.; Linetsky, M.; Guo, J.; Yu A. O.; Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2016, 29, 1198-210. [Abstract]

"Efficient quantitative analysis of carboxyalkylpyrrole ethanolamine phospholipids: elevated levels in sickle cell disease blood", Guo, J.; Wang, H.; Hrinczenko, B.; Salomon, R. G. Chem Res Toxicol 2016, 29, 1187-97. [Abstract]

"Novel phosphatidylethanolamine derivatives accumulate in circulation in hyperlipidemic ApoE-/- mice and activate platelets via TLR2" Biswas, S.; Xin, L.; Panigrahi, S.; Zimman, A.; Wang, H.; Yakubenko, V.; Byzova, T. V.; Salomon, R. G.; Podrez, E. A. Blood 2016, 127, 2618-2629. [Abstract]

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