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Faculty Steering Committee

The Interdisciplinary Program in Evolutionary Biology

Radhika Atit 368-8819 Biology

316 MIlls Science Center

Cynthia Beall 368-2277 Anthropology

217 Mather Memorial

Michael Benard 368-5257 Biology 126 Mills Science Center
Darin Croft 368-5268 Anatomy

EG 03 School of Medicine

Yohannes Haile-Selassie

216-231-4600 Ext. 3233

Cleveland Museum of Natural History  
Emmitt Jolly


Biology 109 Mills Science Center
Bruce Latimer NA


School of Medicine

Peter McCall 368-3676 Earth, Environment & Planetary Science

112 A. W. Smith

Patricia Princehouse 368-2632 Institute for the Science of Origins, Physics, Evolutionary Biology

Rockefeller Hall

Second Floor

Michael Ryan

216-231-4600 Ext. 3246

Cleveland Museum of Natural History  
Scott Simpson 368-1946 Anatomy

EG 23 School of Medicine

Mark Willis 368-4358 Biology

106 DeGrace Hall

Peter Zimmerman
368-0508 Global Health & Disease

Biomedical Research

Suite 426





Berkeley: Understanding Evolution


• National Academies: Evolution Resources


• American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS): Evolution Resources


• National Center for Science Education