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Bookstore Bucks

Undergraduates can use "Bookstore Bucks" exclusively at the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore to charge up to $800 in textbooks and academic supplies directly to their tuition account. To do so, hand your CaseOneCard (student ID) to the bookstore's cashier and ask that purchases be charged to "Bookstore Bucks." Students will be billed for their Bookstore Bucks in the same way as they are billed for tuition and fees. The payment date will be listed on the bill. 

The CWRU Bookstore 

1st Day Program

This email is to notify you that select courses for which you are enrolled will be participating in the First Day® inclusive access program.

The materials for your course(s) are now available in digital format through the LMS, and the cost will be reflected on your student account as a ‘Course Materials’ Fee. To access your materials, use the “Course Materials” link within your course in the
LMS, Canvas.

Benefits of Inclusive Access:

  • Lower price than traditional purchase
  • Guaranteed to get the right materials for your course
  • Seamless digital access
  • Option to opt out before deadline (within 2 weeks from start of classes)

If you do not wish to participate in the program, you can choose to opt out within Canvas by the deadline. Opting out is not recommended and may make it more complicated to complete required assignments

To opt out, use the “Course Materials” link in Canvas.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Customer Care.

For FAQs or to open a support ticket, visit:

Email: or reply to this email

Phone: 844-9-EBOOKS (844-932-6657)


Spring 2023 Bookstore Bucks


Case Western Reserve University and the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore are pleased to announce the “Bookstore Bucks” program, which allows students to charge textbooks and academic supplies directly to the student’s financial account in order to defer payment until financial aid is deposited. This program is available to all CWRU undergraduates who are registered for the current semester. 


Having access to textbooks and other necessary course materials early in the semester facilitates academic success. The Bookstore Bucks program is intended to provide students with an easy, streamlined process for obtaining their textbooks and other necessary supplies while they wait until all financial aid is deposited. In addition, the Bookstore Bucks program provides an option that can help students with financial planning and budgeting for the costs of attending CWRU.


Bookstore Bucks purchases can be made starting immediately for registered students, and ends on Tuesday, September 12th 2023. These expenditures will appear on the Student SIS bills within 3 business days of the purchase and will be due on the following SIS bill due date.


Simply head to the University Bookstore at Uptown and purchase the textbooks and academic supplies needed for classes or purchase them online at the Barnes & Noble website. If you wish to add these costs to your financial account, hand your CaseOneCard (student ID) to the cashier and ask that your purchases be charged to “Bookstore Bucks.”  Be sure to keep your receipts so you can track your Bookstore Bucks purchases.

Each undergraduate student is eligible to charge up to $800 in Bookstore Bucks per semester. Charges made using Bookstore Bucks will appear on the student account bill, available in SIS at the Campus Community page within 3 business days of the actual purchase. Payment of Bookstore Bucks charges remains the student’s responsibility.


Bookstore Bucks can only be used to obtain academic materials. Other University Bookstore purchases, such as that great dorm rug, or the new CWRU sweatshirt, must be purchased in the usual manner, using cash, a check, debit/credit cards, or CaseCash.

Questions about purchases made using Bookstore Bucks should be directed to the Auxiliary Services Office ( Or you can check your eAccount to see the individual transactions once you have registered your CaseOneCard.

Just a reminder that the Bookstore Bucks Program will always end on the Tuesday, following the Drop/Add deadline. Please be aware that any purchases or returns using Bookstore Bucks must be completed at the Campus Barnes & Nobel bookstore by end of day on this date!

Barnes & Noble University Bookstore is CWRU's exclusive buyer and seller of required and/or recommended course materials and supplies including books, course packs and university educational materials published, distributed electronically or sold over the Internet. As the official Case Western Reserve University bookstore, Barnes & Noble offers an array of textbook options at different price points—used, new and digital—as well as a flexible pricing rental program.

Students also can purchase snacks and beverages or even grab their official CWRU branded sweatshirts, yoga pants or other swag!  As there is an expansive assortment of CWRU branded merchandise, such as apparel, class rings and gift items!

Laptops and other technology-related products are available at our fully licensed Apple Store.

Prospective graduates will find caps & gowns and commencement invitations for rent/sale there as well.

Visit the Case Western Reserve University Bookstore at 11434 Uptown Avenue, Cleveland, or online. For more information, contact the bookstore at 216.368.2650 or email

Visit the university bookstore’s website to find specials and special sale items!