Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Cleveland, Ohio May 20-23, 2009


Meeting Energy & Environmental Challenges Through Functional Materials


The Central Regional Teaching Award goes to Mr. William E. Snyder of Poland Seminary High School in Poland, Ohio. Bill has been a high school chemistry teacher for over 30 years, currently teaching chemistry as a college preparatory course for high school juniors as well as advanced chemistry for high school students who will eventually receive college credit for successfully passing the course. Bill also coaches tennis, serves as the advisor for the National Honor Society chapter, and is president of the local teachers' association.
The 2009 E. Ann Nalley Central Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society is awarded to Kathleen "Kat" Wollyung of Munroe Falls, Ohio. Kat has been active in organizing the National Chemistry Week program for the Cleveland Section for many years. This program, usually a hands-on chemistry show for elementary school students, has been delivered in libraries, schools, shopping malls, and museums throughout northeast Ohio for over 10 years, with a different program every year to coincide with the national NCW theme. Kat has also been responsible for writing "The Script" which prepares volunteers to run these shows. Given the fact that the Cleveland Section ACS has been awarded several Phoenix and ChemLuminary Awards for its NCW programs, it is certain that Kat's contributions are a large reason for the success of Cleveland ACS's NCW efforts.
The 2009 Morley Award, the highest honor given by the Cleveland Section, goes to Dr. Terry Miller, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Chemistry at the Ohio State University. Professor Miller received his B.A. degree in Chemistry at the University of Kansas in 1965, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at Cambridge University in 1968. He worked as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories from 1968 to 1984. He joined the Ohio State University in 1984 as the state of Ohio's first Eminent Scholar. In 1992 he became the chairman of the OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, an annual spectroscopy conference that draws students and researchers from around the world. His research interests include the spectroscopy of short-lived species, with over 350 publications in the field.
Congratulations to all of our award winners!