Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Cleveland, Ohio May 20-23, 2009


Meeting Energy & Environmental Challenges Through Functional Materials

Topical Symposia - Chemical Education

Chemical Education: K-12 Level
LaRuth McAfee
Half of this session will feature a panel discussion by administrators, teachers, and students who work at or attend STEM high schools in Ohio.  They will discuss how large-scale (school/district-wide) changes in STEM education have promoted academic innovation and success in chemistry as well as other science fields.  The other half of the session will feature presentations on additional topics in K-12 chemical education.

The first half of this session will be available for people who submit abstracts to the Chemical Education K-12 Session.  The second half of the session (i.e. after the break) will feature administrators, students, and teachers from the MC2STEM High School in Cleveland (Head of School – Jeff McClellan) and the Metro School in Columbus (Head of School – Marcy Raymond).  They will discuss how they approach science and chemistry education, do an example activity with the attendees, and have a panel discussion to discuss their experiences with their non-traditional teaching/learning styles.


High School Teacher Award Symposium 
Doris Zimmerman and Les McSparrin
This symposium is being given by past Central Regional Awardees in High School Chemistry Teaching – basically a “How I Do It’ or “What I Do” Symposium.  The topics will include some high school chemistry objectives, teaching practices, student projects and/or extracurricular activities of the students.

2009 Awardee:  TBD

1997 Awardee:  Kathy Kitzman - Mercy High School Farmington Hills, MI

2003 Awardee: Julie Winter, Detroit Country Day School, MI

2004, Jesse Bernstein, Retired

2005, Les McSparrin, Sharpsville Area High School, PA

2008, Jeff Bracken, Westerville North High School, OH


Chemical Education: National Science Foundation Session
W. Tallmadge and S. Lovelace
The Symposium will feature an overview of NSF Programs that support undergraduate education, including presentations by a Foundation Program Director and current awardees in the CCLI, NSDL, ATE, and other programs.  Following the presentations, there will be a question/answer session.    Invited Papers Only


Chemical Education:  College Level
W. Tallmadge and S. Lovelace
This symposium will feature presentations describing improvements to college level chemistry courses, programs, labs or curricula.  Presentations will focus on specific changes and assessment of those changes.