Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Cleveland, Ohio May 20-23, 2009


Meeting Energy & Environmental Challenges Through Functional Materials

Topical Symposia - Energy Storage and Energy Conversion

Energy Storage and Energy Conversion:  Space Power
Michelle Manzo
The session will focus on Energy Storage developments for NASA's Exploration Missions.  I will introduce the topic area with a general overview of NASA’s energy storage development project.  I may engage the battery and fuel cell leads to give more specific overviews of those respective areas, followed by the individual presentations on specific development areas as they relate to batteries, fuel cells and electrolysis systems. 


Energy Storage-Lithium Battery and Supercapacitors
Gholam-Abbas Nazri
The session on advance lithium battery and supercapacitor may include but not limited to; synthesis, characterization and electrochemical performances of electrode materials, electrolytes, and novel cell fabrication techniques. The emphasis will be on new approaches for developing functional materials for advanced lithium batteries and supercapacitors, and in-situ characterization of electrode materials and components during charge-discharge and storage.


Energy Storage – Aquesous Batteries
Christian Fierro
This symposium will address materials issues as well as battery design issues of both converntional and newer technologies.


Energy Storage – Electrocatalysis
Shouzhong Zou
Fuel cells are efficient energy conversion devices. In order to make fuel cell technology viable in daily life, many problems need to be solved.  In this sub-symposium, a subset of these problems will be addressed. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: the durability of fuel cells,  Pt loading reduction of fuel cell catalysts, and applications of spectroscopic methods to fuel cell problems.


Energy Storage – Bioelectrocatalysis
Scott Calabrese Barton
This symposium will address fundamental issues and electrode design of biological electrodes for energy conversion.