Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Cleveland, Ohio May 20-23, 2009


Meeting Energy & Environmental Challenges Through Functional Materials

Topical Symposia - Functional Materials

Functional Materials: Carbon and Allotropes
Greg Swain
sp2-bonded carbon electrode materials (e.g., graphite, glassy carbon and carbon fiber) have been utilized in electrochemistry for over five decades now. Even so, there remains much that is incompletely understood about the structure-function relationship of these materials. More recently, new types of carbon electrode materials have begun to be investigated and applied. These include sp3-bonded materials (e.g., micro and nanocrystalline diamond), mixed sp2/sp3 materials (e.g., diamond-like carbon and tetrahedral amorphous carbons), and advanced sp2-bonded materials (e.g., fullerenes and graphene). Oral and poster presentations are invited that cover both fundamental and applied aspects of these carbons. Relevant topics include: material synthesis; physical, chemical, electronic and electrochemical properties of the materials; chemical modification; and electrochemical applications.


Functional Materials:  Membranes & Layered Systems
Jeffrey Gray, Peter Pintauro and LaShanda Korley
This session will feature recent advances in the production and characterization of multi-layered polymeric films, novel measurements and modeling of transport phenomena in layered systems, and optical and electronic applications of layered polymers.


Functional Materials:  Bio-functional Materials
Horst von Recum and Joerg Lahan
This session covers a broad range of topics between the areas of biology and materials chemistry.  This ranges  from materials which use biological molecules for their design, assembly or activity to materials which are modified to elicit specific biological functions.


Multi-functional Materials:  Multi-functional Polymeric Materials
Gary Wnek
Multi-functional polymers, i.e. those with a combination of useful properties, are emphasized in this session.  Papers dealing with new commercial opportunities that take advantage of multi-functionality are especially welcome.


Multi-functional Materials:  Emulsion Polymers - Materials & Characterization
Duke Rao
The Emulsion Polymers/ Characterization session  will cover all Waterborne Polymer technologies( including various dispersions and hybrids), Surfactant Technologies in Emulsion Polymerizations, and characterizations of these polymers by physical characterization techniques.