Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Cleveland, Ohio May 20-23, 2009


Meeting Energy & Environmental Challenges Through Functional Materials

Topical Symposia - Health Impact of Nanomaterials

The Health Impact of Nanomaterials
Luz Jeziorowski and Betty Hodgson
Applications for the use of nanoscale materials are on the increase.  Many applications that are envisioned for these materials will take advantage of the fact that nanomaterials have different chemical and physical properties than materials at larger scales.  While these properties can be used for making lighter, stronger composites, to deliver drugs where they are needed, or to clean contaminated soil and groundwater, the health risks are not as clear.  This symposia focuses on increasing awareness about what is currently known from toxicology research, the health and safety aspects of nanomaterials and to review current recommended safe work practices for those involved in the production and use of nanomaterials.