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Using Our Past to Inform the Present to Build Our Future

About the University
Those of us who work with archival materials every day know what a rich source of information they are. We also know how difficult and time-consuming extracting that information can be. The About the University section of the University Archives web site is intended to make it a little bit easier to find and use that information.

About the Archives
The University Archives provides a range of services. We hope these explanations of what we can and cannot do will make it easier for you to use our services.

About Records
The University depends on information to develop programs and services, make critical strategic decisions, protect property rights, manage projects, serve students, and generate revenue. That information is contained in University records. Records can only be fully utilized as an asset if they are properly managed to enhance access to information and to reduce costs and risks. The University Archives helps busy staff manage University records by providing guidance on organizing, storing and disposing of records.



The blue image in the masthead depicts Adelbert Main (L) and Case Main (R), the first University Circle buildings of Western Reserve University and Case School of Applied Science, 1890. The black and white image depicts Western Reserve University President John Schoff Millis (L) and Case Institute of Technology President Robert W. Morse (R) shaking hands over the fence dividing their two campuses, signifying the agreement to establish Case Western Reserve University, 1967.